Electro Deposit Nickel

  • The Hudson Plating Works nickel plating line provides quality plating in accordance with electrolytic nickel specifications  QQ-N-290 (AMS-QQ-N-290), ASTM B689, AMS 2423, AMS 2424 and AMS 2403, as well as other industry and customer specific specifications.
  • We offer bright, semi-bright and dull finishes.
  • Dull sulfamate nickel provided as a pre-brazing finish

Nickel is a silver-white metal generally used to enhance the value, utility, and lifespan of industrial equipment and components by protecting them from corrosion.  Because the properties of nickel can be controlled and varied over broad ranges, there are numerous applications for nickel plating.  The electrolytic deposit of nickel can have a very bright reflective shine, or a satin appearance, or a full-dull flat luster.

Sulfamate nickel is the most widely used electrolytic nickel. It is often used as a final plating layer and also as an underplate for precious metals. Sulfamate nickel is a pure deposit that allows soldering and brazing during later assembly steps. It is normally a dull grey to dull silver color depending upon the finish of the plated part.

Sulfamate nickel provides the lowest hardness, lowest internal stress and highest ductility of all the nickel plating systems. The finish is dull; this is an engineering finish and not a decorative finish. Sulfamate nickel has excellent solderability and good corrosion resistance. The high ductility of sulfamate nickel makes this product an excellent candidate for applications where part flexure or deformation, such as crimping, will occur.

Dull Nickel Plating Images

Typical parts that can be dull nickel plated. Grooves, ridges, recesses, unusually shaped parts can all be dull nickel plated.

Send us a drawing or photo of your part, along with your dull nickel plating specifications, and we will get back to you usually within one business day with a quote.

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